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ADS-IC219-Auto 24v auto fun fair entertainment led lamps

Model: ADS-IC219-Auto

Input voltage: AC24V

Lamp power: 1.44W

Chip: Automatic RGB

LED chip: SMD 3535 LED

LEDs quantity: 6pcs

Color: Auto RGB 1-10, 1-16

IP rating: IP66

Connector: Normal or waterproof connectors

Puching hole: 14mm/20mm

Beam angle: ≥140°

Lifespan: ≥50000h

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Product Detail


1. This product is made up of PCB, plastic cover and base, a couple of 2-pins male and female connectors. As well as a series of gluing process to ensure good water and UV resistance.

2.  It is a RGB Auto-program product, can achieve many different light effects.

3.  The features of this product are high brightness, low power dissipation, long lifespan, low voltage decline and excellent thermal management and lumen maintenance.

4.  Customized requests are available, for example: logo, waterproof connectors, transparent or milky cover, and length of cables.

5.  This product has CE and RoHS certifications.


ADS-IC219-Auto 24v auto fun fair entertainment led lamps(图1)

1.  Amusement Park Rides Light

Ferris wheel, Carousels, Pirate ship, Pendulum, Bumper car, Tower and so on.

2.  Advertisement Outdoor Signboard Backlight

Logo, Signage, Channel letter, Signs, Exposed luminous characters, Billboard and so on.

3.  Stage Decoration Light

KTV, Disco, Bar, Night club and other stage light.

4.  Commercial Light

Hotel, Shopping mall, Theater, Square and so on.

5.  Kids Rides Decoration

Castles, Robot, Mini carousels, Car, Mini train etc.


Packing & Weight

ADS-IC219-Auto 24v auto fun fair entertainment led lamps(图2)





Carton size








ADS-IC219-Auto 24v auto fun fair entertainment led lamps(图3)


1.       The Led lights connect one by one to AC24V transformer.

2.       We suggest that every 10 pcs lights connect to the power supply in parallel to avoid voltage decline.

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