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Why many people use Strip lighting?

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  Why many people use Strip lighting?(图1)

  Strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular not only among professional designers and lighting experts, but they are also popular among people who plan to alter the interior of their home or office on their own. The relative simplicity of installation combined with great reliability and durability make LED tapes an excellent purchase whether they're for your home, office, or business.

  And not only that but the flexibility and customizability of LED strip tapes result in a vast number of creative possibilities. You can choose the length, brightness and colour of an LED tape to fit the space you want to design perfectly. We are one of the few stores that offer white LED strip tape with CCT ranging from 1800K (very warm) up to 6500K. We also offer single-colour red, blue, yellow and green tapes that are readily available to contact us with our whatsapp.

  Recently, RGBW LED tape lighting has gained popularity due to the fact that they are ideal for more extravagant projects, recreational rooms, and contemporary interiors in general. The designers use them in pubs, restaurants, dance clubs or other facilities - but there is no limit to their use. They are quite often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms of private homes and, less frequently, in business spaces.

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