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What is the difference between a boost and a buck controller for solar street lights?

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  my country's new rural construction project has entered the final stage, and many rural areas have been installed with solar street lights. But many people still have this question in their minds: "Why do some solar street lamp manufacturers use a step-up solar controller, and some use a step-down controller, what is the difference between them?". With these questions, let me tell you what is the difference between them.

What is the difference between a boost and a buck controller for solar street lights?(图1)

  1. Solar street lamp boost controller

  Solar boost controllers are generally connected in a 10-string multi-parallel manner, which can directly increase the low voltage 12V or 24V to about 40V-50V, and its voltage is high but the current is relatively low. We need to know that the input voltage of the general solar street lamp boost controller is about 12V/24V, and the input voltage reaches 40V-50V, this kind of controller is boosted. Remember that the input voltage of the solar street light boost controller is less than the output voltage.

  2. Solar street lamp step-down controller

  The solar step-down controller is generally connected in a three-series multi-parallel connection. It reduces the voltage to about 12V/24V through a specific circuit and the power is 30W. Its characteristics are opposite to the boost controller. Generally, the voltage is low, but the current is low. bigger. We can see through the parameter label that the input voltage of the step-down controller is 12V/24V, but the output voltage is lower than the input voltage, then this is a solar street light step-down controller.

  In short, the input voltage of the solar street light boost controller is less than the output voltage, while the input voltage of the solar street light step-up controller is greater than the output voltage, and their connection methods and power are also different. These are the differences between them. Through the introduction of the above editor, we can also learn to distinguish the buck-boost controller for solar street lights by ourselves, and hope to help everyone choose the solar controller reasonably.

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