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The uniqueness of the light strip

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  The uniqueness of the light strip


The uniqueness of the light strip(图1)

  It looks very simple and consists of a light strip, a power supply, a remote control, and an RGB control Box. It is a set of light strips that belongs to us

  One meter 30 led strips.

  1.LedQty:30leds/meter,SMD5050 2.WorkingVoltage:DC12V 3.WorkingPower:7.2W/meter

  4.Color: RGB program

  5.IP rating:IP66

  44 button remote control

  which can control the light strips with different colors, showing different lighting effects in different holidays.

  RGB control Box

  Can scan code with mobile phone, support WIFI, mobile phone display.

  Smart light strips are more convenient to use than other normal light strips, easy to install, and packaged in a package, which will have more quality assurance, but some things we also need to pay attention to are:


  2.Please do not stick the strip on the uneven place, because the contact area is small, resulting in the product isnotsticky

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