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Prolight+Sound exhibition 2021 Guangzhou China

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  16th-19th May, 2021. The annual China's prolight + sound exhibition 2021 will start in Guangzhou, China.

  International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition (Guangzhou Exhibition) have gather more than 1300 exhibitors from all over the world, import and export in Guangzhou China for 4 days.

  The exhibition area is 150,000 square meters, 15 exhibition halls and 1 immersive experience hall.In addition to continuing to focus on the entertainment industry, this exhibition will also vigorously promote cross-border exchanges and cooperation in emerging markets such as cultural tourism, architecture, commerce, and education.

  Shenzhen Aidisen(booth NO.A01,5.1 hall) representative will attend the exhibition to show you different lights:Led pixel light,Led flexible strips ,and other decorative light etc

  We look forward to meeting you there


Prolight+Sound exhibition 2021 Guangzhou China(图1)

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