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New products will be launched soon, welcome enquiry

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  New products will be launched soon, welcome enquiry

  We successfully developed 2 new LED amusement lamps in June, 2022.

  New products feature:

  A variety of appearance styles available.

  Have programmable and automatic RGB two type.

  1. Programmable led type: it is used with digital controllers that allows the user to program and fully control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs, depending on the product.

  2. Automatic RGB type : Color Changing LED in AC24V, Led Lights has an on-board controller,

  eliminating the need for any RGB controller.

  We have Auto RGB 1-10 and 1-16 two programmed, also accepted customized specially programmed to customers.

  The model number as below:


New products will be launched soon, welcome enquiry(图1)

ADS-IC306G Programmable RGB Led light

  1. DC 12V/24V, 1.44W

  2. 6 SMD 5050 Led

  3. UCS1903 IC, Diameter: 30mm

  4. Transparent cover

  5. Waterproof, IP66

  6. Punching hole: 20mm

  ADS-IC306G-Auto Automatic RGB Led light

  1. LEDs: 6pcs 3535

  2. Voltage: AC24V Power: 1.44W/pc

  3. Color : Auto RGB program 1-10, 1-16

  4. IP Grade: IP65

  5. Connector : No waterproof

  6. Dimension: 36.8mm

  7. Punching hole : 20mm


New products will be launched soon, welcome enquiry(图2)

  Fully automantic instruments and equipments like solica crystal,wire,sealing glue,spectral color separation

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