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Neon lights and nature create beautiful loneliness.neon lights retail.Neon Led Wholesale

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  Neon lights and nature create beautiful loneliness.neon lights retail.Neon Led Wholesale(图1)

  The German creative team 3Hund created a dark and beautiful world-LUCID in their grotesque and disturbing videos. The film was mainly shot in an empty and otherworldly environment in Iceland. The lens drifted slowly over valleys and mountains. Cool neon lights appeared in front of golden vistas and mossy rock formations, suggesting strange things. In an instant, the audience cannot immediately know what the luminous thing is and where it comes from, but this visual and emotional effect is fleeting.

  The artist incorporates elements such as geometric shapes, eye-catching lines, and luminous spheres into the environmental background, which redefine the natural landscape around them. Sometimes these elements seem to be shaking vigorously, and the lines and lights give the observer an illusion of space. When geometric shapes extend from the landscape, or appear as an arbitrary door in the landscape, it is difficult for visitors to distinguish whether these elements are 2D or 3D. This effect is that science fiction is full of futuristic sense, but also hides an ancient power-like some sleeping things are now reappearing on the surface of the earth. Although the works look deadly lonely, they are still in slow motion. They blend with their surroundings, and their geometric shapes sometimes look like bubbles about to burst, and float when placed in water. This is a video that will arouse many questions in people's minds rather than find many answers, and will allow the audience to see the fascinating things that are usually invisible.

  The creative team 3Hund is composed of two German artists, Tarek Mawad and Friedrich Van schoor. During their travels in Iceland, the two artists used some scenes shot in Austria to invent a device that can record in real time without the help of CGI. In LUCID, 3Hund has created a desolate and lonely but undeniably beautiful world. This contrast relationship has always been prominent in their creations. The pair wrote on their website: "Mawad and von Skoll have an extraordinary love for nature, adventure, and dark and melancholic images. The relationship between beauty, darkness and loneliness is most of the time. It's the starting point for our new projects." Artists use a variety of ways to construct pictures, including the use of lasers to construct graphics and grids. 3Hund creates a variety of weird shapes by embedding curved lines in the rock wall, or using kites and drones to float the lines in the air.

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