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Neon light

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  Neon light is a very wide range of strip lights. Bright colors. Lighting effects are varied. Relatively speaking, the use cost is low.

  The types of neon lights are roughly divided into three categories: 1: Singe color. 2: RGB lighting. 3: Full color lighting .

  Among them, the size of the single color has different models. For example: 6*10, 6*12.12*12 and so on. RGB and full color lighting. Their sizes will be more. certainly. We can follow your request. Specify any specification you want. in lighting control. We can use regular K-1000c, k-8000, or DMX controllers.It is also very convenient to connect the controller. If you will not connect. do not worry. Our company has professional engineers to guide you how to use the controller.

  This product is used for ad production. Shop sign. Birthday party, facade decoration. Landscape Lighting. Amusement equipment lighting and aesthetics


Neon light(图1)


Neon light(图2)

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