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LED floodlights make work more efficient

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  ADS-F720-100W  remote control rgb dmx512 led flood lights

  In a dimly lit environment, the world seen by the eyes has no luster, and I can't even find what I need. How can this be a pleasant work, and finally I even suffocate the negative emotions. If the lights are bright, the brain is clear, and the mood will be very happy, will you be very energetic when you work? Please try the Thunder LED floodlights.

  1. High light effect, no dark area

  Using high-transmittance acrylic mask, the light transmittance is as high as 97%, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes; the interior of the lampshade adopts a frosted concentrating mask, double baking paint, full of light, and truly no dark areas.

  2. High color rendering, richer colors

  The color rendering of objects will be more realistic, giving you a world of brilliant colors, and at the same time eliminating the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, which will greatly improve work efficiency.

  3. Super energy saving and low cost

  LED floodlight adopts high-power LED light source and high-efficiency power supply, which can save energy by more than 70% compared with the traditional one.

  4. Protect eyesight

  LED floodlights have no stroboscopic, protect eyesight health. If the boss uses the lights well, the employees can see clearly, and the work efficiency will naturally increase.

  5. Imported chips, long life

  Imported LED chip: 5730 chip, sufficient power, coupled with intelligent power drive, durable, lifespan up to 50,000 hours.

  6. Split design, easy to replace

  Leishuo LED floodlight adopts split design, safe circuit, simple structure and long service life. If the lamp body is damaged, it can be replaced directly to save costs.

  7, aviation aluminum, long luster

  It is made of high-density aviation aluminum, and the exterior is anodized. After ten years, the luster remains the same. IP65 waterproof level, perfect to prevent dust, wash with water without any harm, widely used.

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