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How to distinguish the quality of LED linear lights?

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  How to distinguish the quality of LED linear lights?(图1)

  1. Look at aluminum:

  Ultra-thin aluminum is easy to change. Generally, when manufacturers choose aluminum for linear lamps, the first consideration is whether its heat dissipation performance is good or not. The thicker the aluminum, the better. The thinner the aluminum, the worse the heat dissipation, and the easier it is to deform during installation.

  2. Look at the circuit board selection.

  Is an aluminum substrate better than a fiberglass substrate? Indeed, most of the high-quality line lights are circuit boards used as light sources. Fiberglass panels have always been labeled as low-quality? There are also good fiberglass panels. Whether it is aluminum or glass fiber board, as long as it works reliably, it is a good circuit board.

  3. Look at the glue.

  Due to poor bonding material, the LED linear lamp has severe yellowing. There are many low-grade glues sold under the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, which have poor waterproof performance and are prone to yellowing. The price of general waterproof PU glue is far different, basically more than double.

  4. Look at the waterproof plug.

  Some manufacturers slightly reduced materials under these pressures, while other manufacturers reduced their profits. There are also cheap waterproof plugs that retain the original customers, but they are relatively non-conductive, have poor waterproof performance, and are prone to water leakage. Basically, the square-head 4-pin plug is also very expensive, but the overall stability is 99% waterproof, and 1% may not be connected firmly. .

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