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Features and advantages of stage led display

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  In stage performances, it is often necessary to use a large LED display screen as a background wall and playback screen. This kind of screen is indispensable in stage performances. Stage screens have also been updated and upgraded, and now basically stage led display screens are used. This kind of display screen has many advantages, and the price is still cheap, so it is widely used.

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  1, no stitching

  Traditional stage screens have always been stitched together. You can go to the previous stage video. If there are gaps, it will affect the viewing effect. Nowadays, the stage led display basically has no splicing seams, and can be spliced in a large area, the display effect is still perfect, and there will be no picture distortion.

  2. Brightness can be adjusted intelligently

  Stage led display screens generally have higher brightness. The screens now produced have added a light sensor system, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to environmental conditions. Under special circumstances, the display effect will not be affected, and it will not be too high brightness. It damages the eyesight of the audience and will not affect the stage effect because of the darkness.

  3, high degree of reduction

  The stage led display uses point-by-point correction technology, which can make the color expression more real and restore the most real picture effect.

  4, fast response

  In the process of using the screen, users often pay attention to the response speed, especially when performing on stage, the response speed is too slow, which will affect the rhythm of the stage performance and is not conducive to the stage performance. The stage led display screen reacts quickly to the input signal, and there is almost no delay.

  Because the stage led display has these advantages, it is more and more common to use this kind of screen in stage performances, which brings more exciting stage effects.

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