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E10 And E14 LED lamp What’s The Difference?

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  E10 And E14 LED lamp – What’s The Difference?


  Can also be referred to as MES, Miniature Edison Screw. These are commonly found in old chandeliers and so the bulbs designed to fit e10 lamp holders tend to more decorative in appearance to suit the light fitting. You will also find bulbs with E10 caps in miniature lamp applications and indicating panels.


E10 And E14 LED lamp – What’s The Difference?(图1)


  Or SES standing for Small Edison Screw is a very common size used throughout Europe and the UK. It is found in many types of small light fittings around the home from bedside table lamps to wall lights and chandeliers. Many shapes of bulb are available with an E14 cap including Candles, Golf balls, small reflector spot lights and small decorative filament bulbs. Be sure to know what shape will best suit your fitting.


E10 And E14 LED lamp – What’s The Difference?(图2)

  E10 RGB and E14 RGB

  Model No: ADS-E14-AC4016-Auto, E14 Autoprogrammer Led Pixel Light. 16Pcs SMD High Brightness 5050RGB( Anti-UV and Waterproof Leds ), Built In Programmes with 8/16pcs/group or Address Editable( If only multiple of 4/Group) Silicon Glue Waterproof, Input Voltage: AC24V, Consumption:Maximum:3.84W

  Life Span:50000 Hours, PCB dimension:40mm.


E10 And E14 LED lamp – What’s The Difference?(图3)

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