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Common problems and solutions of neon lights!LED Flex neon factory

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  Common problems and solutions of neon lights

  Neon lights have been on the market for its beautiful day and night, bright, energy-saving, and durable, and it has quickly become popular with a prairie fire. But there are still common problems like this:

  1. Short service life: The theoretical service life of LEDs produced by regular manufacturers is generally about 80,000 hours. However, many neon lights have not used enough for a year before frequently replacing LED modules, which has brought a lot of trouble and economic losses to customers and advertising producers.

  2. The color decays quickly: the neon light that has just been installed has pure and bright colors, and the color will be obviously dimmed after less than a year of use. It is the ugly font that becomes red and not red, green and not green.

  3. The font output power is large, and the power saving and energy saving are not obvious.

Common problems and solutions of neon lights!LED Flex neon factory(图1)

  Buy qualified single LED lamp pellets produced by regular manufacturers, and don't try to buy single LED lamp pellets or manufactured modules cheaply in the electronic market. Do not use a module with only one resistor installed. The resistor plays a current limiting role in the module, and it is easy to generate heat. After a long time of continuous use, once the resistor is burned out, this module will not light up.

  When purchasing an assembled LED module, be sure to test its output current value. The brightness below 20 mA is not enough, and the brightness above 22 mA affects the life of the LED and accelerates the color decay.

  When buying white light LEDs, don’t blindly try to be cheap. Be sure to buy LED single-particle lights or modules of the same manufacturer, same batch, and same color number to make the same batch of neon lights.

  In addition, if you want to save power, try to use an LED light-emitting module with a group of five lights, so that the number of lights is unchanged, and the power is reduced by two-fifths, saving power.

  It is worth mentioning that the choice of materials for the sign light box is also determined according to the overall decoration style of the restaurant. For example, if it is antique or Tujia cuisine, wood or antique wood can be used as the door sign; if it is Western food, You can use fashionable acrylic signboards or plexiglass light boxes, etc., to look full of modernity

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