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Automatic RGB led programmed amusement Lights

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  Red, Green and Blue are the three primary colors that can be added together in numerous ways to produce a wide range of colors. RGB can be pre-programmed in LEDs light to automatically change between seven colors or it can be nonadjustable. There are several features that a RGB color changing system can have such as frequency, strobing and chasing.


Automatic RGB led programmed amusement Lights(图1)

  1. Automatic RGB led programmed products is made up of PCB, plastic cover and base, 2-pins connectors. As well as a series of gluing process to ensure good water and UV resistance.

  2. It is an Automatic RGB products, pre-programmed with sequence 1-10 or sequence 1-16

  3. The features of this product are high brightness, low power dissipation, long lifespan, low voltage decline and excellent thermal management and lumen maintenance.

  4. Customized requests are available, for example: logo, transparent or milky cover 5. This product has CE and RoHS certifications.


Automatic RGB led programmed amusement Lights(图2)

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