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Aidisen led sign

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  Aidisen led sign

  Led-signs is a high-quality form of illuminated advertising that greatly increases the visibility of your brand, logo or company name.Aidisen is not only specializes in amusement pixel light , but also led sign. We supply LED signs in a striking neon style, led pixel light sign ,especially for catering establishments but also for other companies and organizations.

  AIidsen designs, produces and supplies a wide range of LED signs for indoor use. The LED signs have a particularly bright illumination, often extending to the edge of the sign. The signs can be produced in any color combination


Aidisen led sign(图1)

  Before ,we usually use 9mm or 12mm pixel light and modules to make the sign for adverting,logo ,but now ,more customer prefer the neon sign ,which used by the neon strips


Aidisen led sign(图2)

  The LED neons are made of PVC – a flexible and robust material. The electrical and colorful part of the sign is made of the LED light, a much safer and power-saving alternative to a gas-filled tube of traditional neon. The LED ribbon is covered by a colorful silicone sleeve, which gives LED neons its color.

  What is the difference between led neon sign and led sign

  They both make light, but the way they're processed gives each its own unique visual flavor. The most obvious difference is that neon signs use real glass tubing. On the flip-side, LED signs are created using strips of light emitting diodes which, when strung together, give the illusion of a neon-like effect.

  LED neon is also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly and has capabilities that traditional neon simply doesn't

  So which one you prefer? Welcome to contact us

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