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A high-brightness light used in various public places---high floodlights

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  A high-brightness light used in various public places---high floodlights

  We are a manufacturer specializing in amusement lights and high-end reflectors for various stadiums and arenas, with 13 years of experience in technology, production and management. LEDs carefully developed by a team of engineers for more than 10 years. Very popular in the global market. Especially some EU countries, North America, have long-term cooperation with our company.

  Light on floodlights. We have lights with different powers ranging from 50W to 500W. certainly. We also support private customization. if you are willing to. We are happy to serve you. Its characteristics are: high brightness, long beam viewing distance and wide range.

  The normal connection is AC110V-240V, and the controller uses K-1000C or DMX. Combined with 16-key remote control, the whole process of remote control of lights is convenient and simple.


A high-brightness light used in various public places---high floodlights(图1)
A high-brightness light used in various public places---high floodlights(图2)

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