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The led engineering light strip is a series-parallel structure.Addressable led factory

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  Because the LED engineering light strip is a series-parallel structure. therefore. When a short circuit occurs in a certain group circuit. It will cause the voltage of other LEDs in the same group to increase, the brightness of the LED will increase, and the corresponding heat will also increase. Obviously, in the 5050 light strip, when any chip circuit of the 5050 light strip is short-circuited, it will cause the short circuit-the lamp bead current rises-times, that is, 20mA becomes 40mA, and the brightness of the lamp bead will be changed. It becomes very bright, but at the same time, the heat generation will increase sharply, and the circuit board will be burnt in a few minutes.

  The two main groups of led engineering light strips, led and FPC, are not products that can continue to withstand low temperatures. If the FPC is continuing the low temperature or may exceed its acceptable measurement, it will cause the FPC's covering film to crack. Indirectly form the scrap of led engineering light strips. At the same time, the LED does not have the ability to withstand low temperature continuously. If the low temperature is used for a long time, its chip will be burnt out at the low temperature.

  Therefore, the electric soldering iron used when repairing the led engineering light belt must adopt the temperature-controlled electric soldering iron, limit the measurement to one degree range, and prevent arbitrary changes and settings. Even so, it is necessary to pay attention to the electric soldering iron does not stop the lead time for more than 10 seconds when repairing, if it exceeds a certain time, it is very likely to burn the LED chip.

  LED engineering light strips are common in life lighting. They can be seen everywhere in various outdoor shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. In the interior, it can be said that almost all home lighting will use ed engineering light strips.-On the one hand, it is an indirect lighting method. Another aspect is to play a very good decorative effect and create an environmental atmosphere.

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