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Features of traditional neon lights!Rgb Led Neon factory

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  The history of neon characters has been more than a hundred years. Because of its dazzling effect, it has rich colors, with red, yellow, orange, green, blue, white, purple and other colored lights, and it has high brightness and is full of dynamic. Achieve a variety of color changes, since its inception has been widely sought after by the public. But traditional neon lights have big disadvantages

  1. High energy consumption: The traditional neon lamp is a high-pressure discharge lamp source. It uses sodium with a lower melting point as the raw material, with filaments and electrodes inside, and then filled with a low-pressure gas. The outer shell is a calcium silicate glass tube, which is then made into different text or pattern effects according to the needs, sintered with a blowtorch, vacuumed in the middle, and filled with different gases according to different colors. Traditional neon lights consume a lot of power, with an annual power consumption of about 2000 degrees for only one square meter. High voltage, poor safety: The voltage of the neon lighting circuit components is extremely high, which requires particularly high technical requirements for the production staff

  2. Old-fashioned neon lights need to be pre-made with metal plate, and then made according to the metal plate pattern or text. The required lines cannot be hidden and are directly exposed, so the effect during the day is relatively poor, especially in low-rise buildings, and the appearance is better. Difference.

  3. The old-fashioned neon lamp uses glass material, so the protection ability is poor, and it is fragile. As the use time is extended, it is more likely to cause air leakage and damage.

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