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60 watt LED street light price

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  In today's day when energy is dwindling, the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection has always been a concept advocated by people, and people in all walks of life are working hard to develop new energy-saving products. Of course, our street lighting industry is not an exception. The rise of LED technology has brought about a revolution in road lighting. LED street lamps are being promoted vigorously because of their energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features. The high-frequency LED street lights have four powers: 30W, 50W, 60W and 100W. Today, street lamp manufacturers will tell you about the price of 60 watt LED street lamps.

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  First of all, LED street lights are composed of three parts: street light poles, street light heads and embedded parts. We only know the power of LED street lights, but we can't calculate the price of LED street lights. So we have to understand the parameters of street light poles. For example, the height of the street light pole, the upper and lower diameter of the street light pole and the size of the wall thickness, the higher the parameter, the higher the price of the LED street light. Common 60-watt LED street lights are matched with 7-meter or 8-meter street light poles. The upper and lower diameters of the conventional 7-meter street light poles are 65,150, and the wall thickness is 2.75. Its price is about 600 yuan. The upper and lower diameters of conventional 8m street light poles are 70,160, and the wall thickness is 3.0. Its price is about 730 yuan.

  Second, the price of LED street lamp heads. Its price is related to the power supply brand and the LED chip brand. If you use a conventional 60-watt LED street lamp head, the price is 200 yuan.

  Third, the price of embedded parts. The price of embedded parts should be calculated according to the size of the lamp pole flange. The larger the flange, the higher the price. Generally, the price of embedded parts for 7m and 8m street light poles is 40 yuan and 50 yuan respectively.

  Therefore, knowing the above three points, the price of a complete set of 60-watt LED street lights is clear at a glance. Its price range is between 840 yuan and 980 yuan. But we have to emphasize that this price is for reference only. This is the price of a 60-watt LED street lamp with conventional parameters. The actual needs of each customer are different. Our street lamp manufacturer can only provide you according to your actual situation and actual parameters. Give an accurate price.

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