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The difference of the E14 series itself

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  For me, the E14 is a more esoteric entertainment light than the others, When you see it it's a bare board, when he mounts it's mounted with a case. such as this ADS-E10-AC289-Auto and ADS-E10-AC229, Do you think the lamp beads are different and the size is different? Take a look at their pictures.





  The difference between them is that the color beating is different, one can be programmed, RGB three colors, different colors can be controlled by the controller, and different color effects can be made in different festivals, the other is a monochrome lamp, More unique, the former has a white base, the latter does not. The former has chips, which can be programmed in groups of 10 or 16. Different types of lamp beads, one smd5050, one smd2835. The most essential feature of the chip determines the lighting color of the lamp, smd2835 can only be used as a single color lamp. At the same time, it also determines the difference in power

  The same thing is that there are two lamps with different color effects in the E14 series. The number of lamp beads is the same. There are six lamps in the front and three lamps in the back. Both use 24V AC, and the waterproof level is IP44.

  E14 series lamps are widely used in entertainment venues, Its installation method is different from other lights, it uses a hole and screw installation, and the others use wiring to install. I think it looks good to know, but when you dig deeper, it can give you unexpected surprises.

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