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How Much Electricity Does A Neon Light Use

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  Neon lights are those bright, dazzling, colorful lights we see across billboards, decorative signposts, and stylish illustrations in shops and stores. However, these attractive lights are not restricted just to signboards and shops, and they are also being increasingly used to give a spunky look to rooms and indoor parties.

  With the increased use of LED Neon lights have become synonymous with ordinary Neon lights due to versatility and low energy consumption. So if you are a shop owner who wants to grab your customers’ attention or a youngster who wants to upgrade the decor of his room, you can try for cool or gorgeous neon lights.

  LED Neon, as the name suggests, combines the better features of both neon lights and LEDs. Just like LEDs, they last longer and are thus environmentally more sustainable. Again, they are bold and bright; thus, they counteract the major disadvantage of plain LEDs, which are much dimmer in terms of light intensity.

  It consists of numerous LEDs fitted on a strip at such a distance that their lights overlap and produce a continuous shaft of light replicating the light from a tube. The light color of an LED depends on the material with which the semiconductors are made. Primarily the two materials used are aluminum gallium indium phosphide alloys and indium gallium nitride alloys.

  The first alloy produces red, orange, or yellow light, whereas the second produces green, blue, or white light. The combination of LEDs on the strip made from different alloys gives different colors and hues. Moreover, these lights do not flicker and can be dimmed as desired.

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