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Christmas lights commonly used in multi-colored decorations

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  Christmas lights commonly used in multi-colored decorations

  ---12MM GS8206 four line

  Whenever the festival comes. Or birthday parties, corporate banquets. Or a big light show. and many more. This IC GS8206 12MM Christmas gift is bound to become one of the must-haves for the event. It was chosen for the following reasons:

  1. It has a small area and the specification is only 12mm. 50 luminous points per channel. The distance between the lamp and the lamp connecting wire is between 80mm-120mm. It can be placed anywhere you want to play the effect of lighting and suffocating the atmosphere.

  2. High brightness. Compare monochrome and RGB lighting. Its colors are changeable. The colors are more vivid. The change effect is more ideal. Makes the visual impact stronger. at the same time. In terms of control, it only requires the usual controllers. Such as K-1000C.K-8000C and so on.

  3. certainly. For consumer agents and cargo engineers who often use lanterns. Its installation is very simple. Feel free to hang on which branch. Any corner, or on the ground, is a kind of lighting enjoyment.

  If you are an event planner, a lighting buyer. A person who is full of love for life. This product is undoubtedly your best choice. do not hesitate. Just choose this Christmas light. It will bring you unexpected surprises.





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